Monday, May 3, 2010

A few gifts

The first item is a exersaucer from everyone I work with. The staff put together a informal shower with some yummy snacks and this wonderful gift.

This sweet little set is from my good friend Tina Holden.

The rocking chair isn't a gift but it is a treasure all the same.
It's on loan from another close friend. Behind the rocking chair
are several book cases one holds the growing collection of
children's books.

Here is the crib we will be using.
If you are looking for the informal baby pool please scroll down to the previous post. Thanks
I'm feeling really good and taking it easy as much as possible. Things are a little hectic at the house with a new deck under construction and custom storage being built in our family room. The chaos will be well worth it later on.
For those of you looking for the big announcement keep checking back. Initially the plan is to post the information on Facebook and as soon as I can get to it I will post all the details here.
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