Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saylor's namimg story

Like most expectant parents Pete and I started to search for names for our baby. Early on Pete came up with a name we both loved for a girl and that was Lorelie Josephine Betcher. Then we struggled and struggled to find a boys name we loved and agreed on. We never did find the perfect name. I went into labour not knowing what we would name a boy child should we have a boy.

While I was in labour Pete was rubbing my back and comforting me with one hand and chatting with our close friend Tina Holden http://www.beadcomber.ca/ on the computer. Tina and her husband were blessed to have two gorgeous daughters. One of whom has autism. Tina asked her her daughter Krista if we were going to have a boy or girl and what we were going to name the baby. Krista intuitively said we were going to have a boy and name him "Sailor". Tina was relaying this story to me and said that Krista was over joyed with her announcement and very very sure of herself. Tina told this story to twice the second time was when we were in the hospital. Pete told me the story at this time. I was very tired and on some heavy duty drugs at the time. The first thing I said what that we would have to change the spelling. Next it was nap time and I would think on the name suggestion. When I woke up I agreed right away that our son's name would be Saylor Joseph Betcher. Joseph is after my dad who passed away 3 years ago after a long battle with cancer.

We really love Saylor's name and it really seems to suit my little man! Thank you Tina for sharing this wonderful story with us. I was really worried that we wouldn't find the perfect name and had no idea where or how our search would end. Krista you are an amazing gal!

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  1. This is a wonderful story<3 <3 What a beautiful memory to have as to how you found his perfect name. So sweet. I personally love it. <3 <3 <3

  2. very nice and certainly original!!

  3. Beautiful story. I get goosebumps just reading it. Thank you for sharing. And such a beautiful and handsome young man!!!

  4. Thanks Vanessa :)
    Hey, will you be doing a scrapbook for Saylor? Love the photo collage! The 3 of you look soooo happy. You know, people often mix up boys and girls when they're babies and sometimes have to guess, but Saylor looks through and through like a boy. He is soooo cute and am so looking forward to getting to meet him.

  5. Vanessa,

    Congratulations on your recent creation. He's beautiful, and so are you.

    Cynthia (a Clayamie)

  6. What a sweet, beautiful little boy Vanessa and I love his name... it's different and unique! Congratulations to you both...


  7. Saylor is a gorgeous hunk! And that hair!! Congratulations to the proud parents.