Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unintentionally Crunchy

All right so some of you who drop by this blog might get the "crunchy" reference others may not. The word "crunchy" or another word often used is "granola". The meaning behind this is the following, is a all natural mother. One who doesn't allow their child junk food, doesn't circumsize their son, one who avoids vacinations and eats organic food. This is a partial list of the qualities of a crunchy momma. For me being kinda crunchy or leaning towards granola is just doing what I feel is best for Saylor. It also means going back to more natural practices. I am planning on making Saylor's first foods at home instead of purchasing them.

I have found myself doing some of these things and it was unintentional. I did not plan or set out to be a crunchy mom. I am cloth diapering and have just started using handkerchiefs instead of disposable tissue.To go with the cloth diapers I am using a more natural laundry detergent that leaves no residue or scent behind. I have started a homemade felted ball for Saylor to play with when he's able to. In our community there is a new initiative to recycle and compost as much as possible. Hubby isn't much into this so I find myself sorting and organizing the garbage..hmm. Another thing that makes me kinda granola is buying at least 90% of Saylor clothing used. I know where the kids consignment shops are and I keep my ears open for baby and kids garage sales. The most recent garage sale I attended I bought over 30 pieces of clothing for Saylor for some where around $40. I got clothing that he will wear for the next 6 months and a few pieces for after that.

All of these things make me feel good and I know they are the right choices. I can hear Saylor calling after waking up from yet another 10 minute nap.