Friday, November 12, 2010

A felting experiment

Recently I have seen quite a bit of wonderful felt creations and I thought I would give wet felting a try. I was really fortunate and one friend game me a ball of wool that she had used in a previous felting project. (the orange -rusty coloured wool in the second picture) and another friend gave the big pile of roving! Lucky me!

My first project is a ball for Saylor to play with. I started by putting a few popcorn kernels in a ping pong ball (I found 6 ping pong balls for $2 at the thrift store. I sliced into the ball popped in a few kernels and sealed it up with duct tape. Then I wound some wool on the ping pong ball and wet felted it. Next I took the small ball of wool and wound on a lot of wool so the ball now was about the size of my palm and that was wet felted. The last step was to take some roving and cover the yarn with a nice design. I'm really happy with how the ball turned out.

I am going to cover this ball with roving

Finished ball has a gentle rattle to it from the
popcorn kernels

A whole lota roving from a friend

I also purchased some needles for needle felting. I have tried it once and I need a little more practice. Pictures to come when I try again.
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  1. Turned out perfect!!!! The colours are so happy I am sure Saylor will be crawling around chasing this ball for a long time>>