Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Musings

Recently Pete and I have been talking a lot about Christmas and our expectations for the holiday. With Saylor in our lives suddenly Christmas has a different perspective. We want Saylor to know the reason we celebrate Christmas and not be focused on the commercialism and must have attitude that is so prevalent in our society. We are struggling and discussing our options. Some of the ideas we have tossed around are to adopt some German traditions as I have some German heritage and Pete's father was born in Germany. We also are pondering what type of family traditions we want to establish, cutting down our own tree, adopting a family for the season, donating to a charity of our choosing? All of these ideas have merit then it comes down to how these traditions will look to us? Christmas is about so much more then buying large quantity of items made in another country and wrapping them with paper that can't be recycled. Christmas is about the birth of Christ and giving of one's self more then it is about receiving a pile of things that end up forgotten about.

I would prefer not to have a house full of plastic toys that break in a short period of time that end up in the landfill. Instead my desire is to purchase Canadian made wooden toys that will last for many years. I still have a couple wooden toys from my childhood that are in terrific condition. I struggle with how to express this idea to family and loved ones with out those people in our lives being offended.


I wrote the above more then a week ago and haven't posted it to the blog for fear of insulting those that may read my thoughts. Now on Christmas eve I am going to post my thoughts. I will also wish all those that pause here a Merry Christmas! Take time with family and friends and soak in those moments that seem to last forever.

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  1. Hi V- what beautiful thoughts. I think the idea of exploring your German heritage is a wonderful plan...