Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Glimpse into....

Over the last three days I have had a glimpse into single parenthood. Pete left at 6am Thursday morning for a Navy League conference in Ottawa and he won't be returning until late Sunday evening. On Thursday during the day Saylor and I had his music class and Aunty Tina visited. On Friday Ana visited for a couple hours and a photographer from the newspaper dropped my for a picture of Saylor. Today Ana and Aunty Darlene came to visit. So the days have been full of activity.  The evenings have been the most challenging because I am making dinner or putting dishes away and Saylor is at my feet pulling on my pants or pulling himself up against my legs.  I always appreciate the team approach Pete and I use in parenting Saylor. Saylor and I are really missing Pete's humor and support.

My glimpse into being a single parent gave me new appreciation for those single parents who truly don't have a partner for whatever reason.

Thank you Pete for being an amazing husband and father!