Sunday, May 1, 2011

Delicious Noises

Recently late one night I was sound asleep and Saylor woke to have a snack. As he settled in to nurse he began to make some sweet sounds. He cooed and slurped away seeming to truly enjoy his milky snack. As a tiny babe Saylor often made delicious noises as he suckled now as he is approaching his first birthday he makes these wonderful sounds a little less often. As we layed there falling back asleep I soaked in those sounds and added them to my memories.  Its as if Saylor was saying mmm this is so delicious mommy just what I needed! Thank you for filling my belly so i can sleep some more. I will miss those slurps and coos when breastfeeding comes to and end for now I will treasure those quiet sleepy moments and brand them deep into my memories.