Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Last year on Father's Day Saylor was exactly 4 weeks old and I was still recovering from the c section that brough him into the world. I was barely getting out of the house and unable to drive yet. So the special day went by almost with out notice.

This year I wanted to make sure and create a memory for Pete who is a wonderful, loving and dedicated father to Saylor. When Daddy arrives home Saylor rushes to be picked up and hugged by Daddy.

Saylor created a very special gift this year with a little help from Mom and Ana.

we started out with a canvas and blob of light blue paint
hmmm let me stick my fingers in this
and I must taste this new stuff it could be food..hmm nope not yummy at all

add some dark blue....smear it around
add some dark green...smear some more and we have a gift for Daddy!
Happy Father's Day to Pete and all those loving Dads who are dedicated to their children's well being.