Friday, October 14, 2011

Sand Art with Saylor

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful blog Play at Home Mom and through reading this blog and the Facebook page Play-at-Home-Mom on Facebook I was inspired to introduce Saylor to glue and some very find coloured gravel that I found at the dollar store.

Daddy emptied this shaker from some seasoning
a few days ago and it hadn't made it to the recycling yet.
It was perfect to put the sand in to shake and dump

the first sand picture

the second sand picture
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After the art had been created Saylor ran his hands through the gravel and checked out how it stuck to his hands. Then he attempted to put it back in the shaker so I asked him if he wanted the gravel back in the shaker and bounced up and down on my lap. So I dumped the gravel from the baking sheet onto a piece of paper to act as a funnel and then dumped it into the shaker. Saylor quickly grabbed the shaker and started shaking the contents back onto the baking sheet, next he tried to take the lid off and with help he was able to get it off. You guessed it he dumped the remainder of the gravel out! We repeated this a few more times before he lost interest.

This was a great activity and he really seemed to have a great time! Thanks Mom at Home for the ideas and inspiration. I have bought a few more art supplies and have a long list of more things I'd like to get. So you can look forward to more art by Saylor.