Sunday, May 20, 2012

I am 2!

Mommy invited my friends and family over to celebrate my birthday. I loved the cake Grandma made me.

I played with my friends in my new private park mommy and daddy made for me this week.

I had so much fun! My uncle made bubbles for us and we took turns riding in my wagon.

Mommy is feeling a little sad because I am growing up and she misses the baby I was a little bit. She is also very proud of all the things I can do. I like surprising mommy and daddy a couple times a week with a new skill. I recently learned that if the sliding door in the kitchen isn't locked I can push hard and open the door. I can also hold on to the wall or railings and walk up the stairs by myself. I am also starting to pretend. While playing with my bin of beans I climbed in the container and said "vroom vroom" it was my car for a couple minutes.

I will let mommy talk now. :)

Saylor is growing into a sweet little boy who loves to climb, play outside and sit and colour. There are so many things he can do and seems to be learning something new each day. He has recently started putting two words together saying things like "mommy shoes" or daddy truck" another favourite is "bye bye plane" to the airplanes he spots in the sky.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy! I love you!