Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sorting Poker Chips and Painting


A few days ago I was in the laundry room and I could hear Saylor behind me playing with the poker chips. When I was done folding laundry I turned around and found the following.


other poker chips red and white poker chips spread out and I thought to myself, where are the blue ones”?


blue poker chips I took another step and found the blue poker chips all sorted and in Saylor’s wagon. I did ask him to pose for this picture. I was very impressed that he was able to sort out the blue poker chips with out Mom or Dad assisting.

Last night Daddy was out for the evening and this is the usual time Saylor and Daddy play and spend some quiet time before bed. I realized I needed a way to fill some of that time and this is what we did. As Saylor and I finished our supper I asked him if he wanted to paint. His face lite up and he was ready to go and dig out his paint brushes. Saylor choose 2 shades of pink and and white then we squeezed a big of colour onto a palette. At first Saylor was cautiously painting with just the brushes. By the fourth piece of paper Saylor was painting with his hands and learning that paint is sticky when its drying.


paint on saylor's hands

finger painting 2

finger painting

paint hands from above


4 finished pink paintings