Sunday, April 7, 2013

Things my almost 3 year old says


I wanted to record a couple things Saylor has said recently.


March 28 2013

While out for a walk this morning, Saylor asks if he can pick up a rock. I say "yes" he does and then proceeds to say we have to take it home. Fine with me. A few steps later I ask Saylor if he wants to keep the rock or throw it. He chooses to throw the rock and as we are walking away he says "good by rock, we are going home now" A few more steps and he finds a bigger rock again asking if he can p...ick it up. "yes" Again we have to take it home. Then he says "the rock is cold we have to warm it up" I suggest he put it in the pocket of his hoody. So Saylor happily carries the rock home in his hoody and by the time we got home forgot about the rock. I took it out of the sweater and put the rock on the front step for now just in case he remembers it.


April 7 2013

Today Saylor and I were rough playing in the basement. I said that I was going to chew his arm off and he stopped and looked at me and said I need my arms to hold things. In amazement I looked at him and said okay then I will bite your hands and he said I need those for picking up things! So then I said I will eat your feet and he said stop I need those for walking. now how can you argue with a three year old with that logic? (this was a conversation with Daddy)

Saylor has also been displaying his knowledge he can identify red, blue, white, green, red, pink, orange and black consistently.  He also knows his shapes round, square and triangle.