Thursday, December 31, 2009

Midwife Musings

This is a post I have written in my head several times as I layed down to sleep over the last few nights. At this point I am 4.5 months pregnant and have told many people about my choice to have a midwife for my pregnancy care. Often the first question people ask "are you having the baby at home? with a incredulous tone in their voices. My immediate response is "no" I will be having the baby in the hospital under the midwifes supervision. At the hospital if anything was to go wrong or be an issue there are doctors on call and available for assistance. I have had the most wonderful experience with two kind and knowledgeable midwifes. The midwives I chose to work with are two wonderful caregivers who have been Rn's and midwives for many years. My first appointment was over an hour long. This involved filling out some paper work, and many questions being asked by myself and the midwife. Subsequent appointments have also been close to an hour in duration.

My husband has attended the appointments and has the opportunity to ask his own questions and be really involved. Initially Pete was a little uncertain about using the services of a midwife, after he met the women and began to learn the roll of these health care professionals he was convinced this was the best thing for us. Pete's first thoughts about midwives were, aren't they "comfortable sandal wearing hippies" hehe. The truth is that midwives are well educated and their services are fully covered under our the BC medical plan. In BC midwives have been licenced practitioners for 11 years. The following is the definition of Midwifery from Wikipeida

Midwifery is a health care profession in which providers give prenatal care to expecting mothers, attend the birth of the infant, and provide postpartum care to the mother and her infant including breastfeeding.

I am very grateful that midwifery is a easily accessible health care service where I live!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that 2010 brings you all that you desire.