Sunday, January 17, 2010

Babies are free loaders

Well what to say? This baby is already costing me money and it isn't even here yet! Every time I turn around Vanessa just keeps getting bigger. And now I constantly hear this doesn't fit and I am uncomfortable that!

Every time we go shopping I have to buy new clothes for Vanessa and now her mothering instincts are coming to the fore front with things like.....We need new storage, new deck, new paint, new furniture and you need new friends!

On top of that I just found out that this Baby won't even be self supporting at all! My friends have told me that all babies are free loaders. They take up room in the house, whine day and night. Expect you to feed them and on top of that they expect us to wipe their bottoms!

Beware babies are Free loaders!

Pete offered to write an entry on the baby blog today and this is his take on his pending fatherhood!

1 comment:

  1. free loader, lol...ok, well Vanessa is carrying that load and you get loaded. Omg, now I did it, now you'll be pissed, but in a different way, or maybe you will get pissed or maybe loaded or maybe I'll just load that mouth of mine with a foot now. HAHA!! freebie humour