Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today I....

Today I spent the most time at home without someone close by to support Saylor and I since we go home from the hospital. Along with that milestone I did a few other things. I took bedsheets off the bed and replaced them with clean ones. I showered for the first time in an empty house while Saylor napped. I was also able to putter around the house a little.

Each of these things on it's own is just a small matter put them together in this stage of my recovery and they are all small victories. I feel like I'm getting stronger each day and I know that 3 weeks ago I wasn't sure I would see this day. Every day is worth marking and remembering this step. Things like sneezing,coughing, sitting, getting in and out of bed are all just a minor discomfort now instead of agony. I have come a long way in recovering from Saylor's birth.

Every day Saylor amazes me. He has started to make more noises almost cooing now, he's gained weight and stretched out. He loves his bath with dad! Saylor is a mellow little boy that isn't bothered by the phone ringing, the vacuum cleaner going in the same room or the construction noise outside the bedroom window.He sleeps through various visitors dropping by as well, I am so glad to be Saylor's mom and I am doing my best to enjoy all of our moments

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