Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cloth Diaper Trial

While I was pregnant with Saylor I spent a lot of time researching different baby related items. One of the things I spent the most time learning about was the variety of cloth diapers that are now available on the market. It didn't take very long before I was completely overwhelmed and confused! The cloth diapering world has its own dictionary of abbreviations and language.

I started to hope that I could find cloth diapers locally, so I did more searching. I was fortunate enough to find an amazing local shop that is fully stocked with any cloth diaper I could want to use for my baby. When I found Huckleberry Baby Shop online and realized that the shop was located within 15 minutes of my home I got excited! Reading further I found that the shop owner Christi, offered a cloth diaper trial.

Yipeee I could try cloth diapers out and have minimal commitment or expense. One afternoon I dragged my husband to Huckleberry Baby so that we would learn more about cloth diapers. Christi the owner gave us the run down explaining all the many options, materials and possible. combinations when using cloth diapers.

Christi explained how the diaper trial worked. She put together kits that held the appropriate sized diaper for you baby plus all the accessories you need for two weeks of cloth diapering. Included in the kit was the appropriate laundry detergent for the diapers, a large and small wet bag, a huge variety of diapers, a list of the contents of the kit,a glossary of the special language for diapers and several other small items. I really enjoyed my two weeks of cloth diapering. The first thing I noticed was less garbage leaving the house. At first I wasn't really clear on why I needed so many diapers and so many variations. Then when we had a moment where I changed Saylor 3 or 4 times back to back I got it. Newborns go through a lot of diapers! Here are a few pictures of what comes in the diaper trial kit. For me this was the perfect way to try cloth diapers! I loved it.

I would recomend Huckleberry Baby Shop for more then diapers. Christi also carries a variety of slings and wraps. Which she is also very knowledgeable about and can help you learn to use them with her expert knowledge. You can also find locally made products from diapers creams to clothes. Huckleberry Baby is a full service baby shop!

My next post will show the beginnings of my own diaper stash!

pocket and all in one diapers

small wet bag top left
wipe cubes middle top row
a roll of disposable liners far right
large wet bag bottom left
folder with washing directions and glossary in red fold

prefolds far left
fitted diapers middle
wraps/covers far right

more stuffers and cloth wipes
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