Sunday, July 11, 2010

My little cloth diaper stash

I have started small with my cloth diaper collection. There are so many choices and designs it was difficult to choose which system to go with. For simplicity and cost I choose to use diaper wraps with a variety of inserts. I am really enjoying using this diapering system. I have just enough to get through 2 days of diapering. Soon I will add more to my collection.

Thanks to Christi at Huckleberry Baby Shop for the education and help in choosing what I need to have for cloth diapering.

bummis wraps, I have already purchased another wrap
and I am positive I will be getting more soon

my collection of aborbant layers including bamboo,
hemp, terry cloth and fleece

these wondefully soft bamboo washcloths by Thirsties
are wondeful for many things

my large Jam Tots wet bag to store wet diapers in,
this was a shower gift
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