Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trolling for Mommy Bloggers

After I joined the Theta Mom community I began to troll the Internet more intensely then ever looking for other mommy bloggers. At first I was looking more for Canadian mommy bloggers and I have found a few, then I gave up on that and was looking for any mommy blogger. I have found many wonderful mommy blogs. I have started to follow them on facebook, twitter (which I don't understand how to use at all and added them to my Bloggy Fav link on this blog.

If you are a mommy blogger and stumble upon my site and I haven't added you to my links please leave me a message and I will follow you and add you to my favs. I love reading about other mom's experiences. In a way I find it very comforting to read these great blogs as a first time mom it is a great way to find encouragement in those tough moments.

As I search for new blogs to read and follow I have also found many many giveaways giving away a huge variety of items, from diapers to very cute girly underwear. This is a fascinating thing to me and I have been slightly obsessed with putting my name in for as many giveaways as I can. So far I have won a sample of wipe solution for Saylor oh so cute hiney! Tied in with the giveaway thing is product reviews. Wow! Those are bountiful as well. I'm not sure that is the direction this blog will go it but it sure is fun to read the reviews!

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  1. Hey Vanessa!
    I just found your blog--I was looking at my stats and saw that I had a bunch of referrals from your site, rad! Nice blog!