Saturday, September 11, 2010

A pair of Jeans and my spirit

For almost the last year I have worn sweat pants and yoga pants mostly in black and grey. I did have two pairs of maternity jeans that I bought used and wore only for a short time neither pair were comfortable. As of yet I can't get into any of my pre pregnancy jeans. Now that fall is upon us and temperatures and cooling down it was finally time to get myself a pair of jeans. I thought of one particular retailer that has a "comfort fit" style of jean that doesn't have a zipper or button and I figured that would be the perfect pair of jeans for my new body. I set off with a budget in mind and a limited time frame. I walked into the store and it was quiet I spotted the first clerk in the store and quickly told her what I was looking for. The first step was trying to figure out what size I needed, that was pretty easy. No, I'm not going to tell you what that size is..hehe. Next was the style, ok really I want that comfort fit pant. I put it on and some how this petite body of mine looked like it had gained 25 pounds and all below the belt, pouchy bunched up jeans are not flattering. I tried on jeans with a flap pocket on the rear including a button to keep the pocket closed that wasn't flattering either. The jeans I did like were going to shrink too much when washed so out they go. Finally it was time to try on jeans from the regular section not the petite jeans. The next pair of jeans I put on made me feel so good. A nice dark wash, straight leg and yes a button fly. Something I didn't think this new body would look good is. I have worn my new jeans out of the house a couple times and I feel wonderful in them. Getting out of my sloppy sweats has made a difference in boosting my spirit and my confidence. Such a simple joy really made my week.    If I have done this right I think this is a picture of my jeans that make me oh so happy!