Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random thoughts at 2am

This morning at 2 am I found myself awake after having fed Saylor and folding the cloth diaper laundry. Yes, that's right laundry at 2am. As I folded my fluffy laundry I started to write this very witty blog post in my head. It is now more then 12 hours later and I really don't remember much of what I was planning to write. I know I thought about .."you know you are a mother when..." you are folding laundry at 2am and other similar thoughts. Those thoughts have vanished like wisps of fog.

I do know that Saylor is approaching 4 months old and I haven't posted any pictures recently. So very soon I will take some more pictures hopefully of the not too embarrassing kind. As a friend of mine pointed out down the road Saylor will find this blog online and see everything I have written. I certainly hope he does. I think at some point I will turn this blog into a keep sake book for him.

1 comment:

  1. lol...2 a.m. is the new 9 p.m. for new moms like you V. I don't think that babies are capable at having embarrassing moments, but maybe mom or dad can? A keepsake book would be awesome. I found some neat sites that can turn a blog into a book.