Saturday, September 11, 2010

How I love thee, Huckleberry Baby Store

Over a week ago I had taken a picture of Saylor in fact it was this picture below. Saylor is wearing a Fuzzi Bunz diaper and holding his bottle and the tv remote control. hehe. I submitted this picture to a random drawing contest at my wonderful local baby store. Huckleberry Baby Shop 
This week I was contacted by Christi the owner of the shop. I won! I won the drawing which included a Rocky Mountain diaper,  Rocky Mountain diapers 5 wash clothes and some store credit. With the store credit I got myself a small travel size wet bag. It turns out I love this diaper and have gone back and bought 2 more of them. I like the trim fit and the fact that they are made in North America. The diaper Saylor has on in the picture was my previous favourite due to its fit. Then I found out it was made in China. Now I like the Rocky Mountain Diaper even better! It has been a terrific week. (I'm not sure what is going on here after I inserted this picture I'm getting some weird formatting.)