Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zoe Organics Bath Tea

A couple weeks ago Erica of Everything Mom and Baby blog asked for someone to review Zoe Organics Bath Tea from Everything Mom and Baby Shop . I was really fortunate and she chose me to review this product! This is the only shop in Canada to carry this line of products. When the envelop from Erica the owner of Everything Mom and Baby Shop arrived I tore into it and the scent that greeted me was amazing! I loved it right away :) I know that lavender and calendula are soothing and have therapeutic properties so I was looking forward to having my son bath with the tea. The directions on the bag said to drop the muslin bag of bath tea in the water and let it sit for a few minutes, then squeeze it out into the bath and use the bag to wash with. The scent lingered and did not leave the water feeling sticky or icky.

In my house hubby has always bathed Saylor. Hubs said he liked the scent as well. Saylor seems to have sensitive skin and he came out of the tub with soft soothed skin and smelled so sweet! I have one more bag of the Zoe Organics Bath Tea and I think it will be a fight who gets to use it! I think this would make a wonderful gift for anyone you know who loves their bath.
Baby Bath Tea by Zoe Organics Skincare


  1. this is really interesting My boys both have really sensitive skin and I'm always looking for soap that's gentle thanks for the tip. Have a great day.

    would you happen to know with it being scented is it okay for kids with eczema?

  2. Hi Night Owl Mama

    This product isn't "scented" in the way you mean. Its actually made from lavender and calendula. I think it would be great for your boys! It isn't soap and therefore not drying.