Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A weekend away

Daddy told me a while ago that mommy's birthday (I don't know what a birthday is but daddy seemed excited) was coming up and he had a secret to surprise (whats a secret?) mommy with.

Then something came in the mail and daddy's secret got spoiled. Mommy was pretty excited because daddy planned a trip to Tofino for her birthday and they were staying at mommy's favourite place Crystal Cove Beach Resort .
Online web album of trip

this is me with mommy and daddy in mommy's
new Ergo baby carrier this thing is comfy I had
a nap in it

I'm so cute!

this was the view a couple steps outside our door

this is mommy trying to be arty with her camera
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  1. so cute HOpe you had a lovely family trip thanks for coming by and commenting