Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The 10 month mark

Wow some how Saylor has reached 10 months old. I know I have said this and been told by many people that the time flies by and it's so very true.  I thought I would do an update on my little fellow. He now has 2 bottom (those came in December) teeth with 3 more coming in on the top. He is still doing the scoot on his back but is very close to crawling. If someone holds him under the arms he will "walk" he will also stand against the couch on his own and take a side step or two. Saylor is very vocal and loves to scream and babble away. His hair has gotten lighter and curlier and his eyes are a darker blue now. Saylor loves to be with mom and dad so much he rarely sleeps on his own for long. Saylor has found that when he waves at family, friends or strangers he is rewarded with smiles and return waves. We are still going strong with breastfeeding and some days it seems Saylor would prefer to stick to his diet of mama milk over any solid food I can offer him. Tonight he threw any food he was offered on the floor during dinner...hehe.

This is a short video clip of Saylor playing on the floor.