Friday, April 1, 2011

Cloth diapering for bed time

One of the hardest parts about using cloth diapers is figuring out the best combination to use on your child for over night. I originally started with a extra thick prefold and a layer of fleece to keep my son feeling dry this worked only for a few hours and then I had to change him in the middle of the night thus waking him up more.

With my night time diapering not going very well I returned to Huckleberry Baby Shop to chat with the owner Christ and she suggested I purchase a fitted diaper and use that over night. I have 5 different fitted diapers all of which work really well. In order to explain what we are currently using for our over night diaper I took a few pictures.
my sweet peas cover Sweet pea diaper 
AMP prefold folded in 3 AMP diapers

I have opened up the prefold here and added a micro fibre doubler

re fold the prefold

My Sugar Peas fitted diaper, this fitted diaper has a lot of added absorbing layers

fold over those absorbent wings

now add the prefold on top of the fitted disper

next is a layer of fleece that will go directly against babies skin
the fleece is a Bummis product but you can use other fleece items old shirts/blankets etc

the fitted snapped closed

the whole combination before adding the cover

add the cover and you are done

I have found with this diaper Saylor has an extra fluffy bum but it doesn't matter over night. Saylor does wake up wet in the morning but he doesn't seem to be bothered about it until the morning. So this is what works for us.