Friday, March 14, 2014

Pictures by Saylor


Saylor recently picked up my camera and took a couple pictures of the toys he was just playing.

pic by Saylor 1

pic 2 by Saylor

pic 2 by Saylor

In case you can’t tell that is race track for hot wheels cars.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 2013


We had a brief heavy wet snow fall in the middle of December knowing the snow melts quickly here we headed outside to explore the snow.

big snowball




smiling saylor with snowman

smiling saylor with snowman

wreath Every year I make a wreath for the front door.

cousins cousins colouring

S with car carrier playing with his new car carrier

Saylor parking the cars parking the cars

jersey from Brent jersey from Uncle Brent

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A fall trip to the pumpkin patch


Saylor had his first experience in the pumpkin patch this week. We went Friday morning and the fog was close to the ground and it was lightly raining for some of the time we were at the farm. We walked through a corn maze then took a bumpy and fast ride in a wagon lined with hay bales and pulled by a tractor out to the pumpkin field. Saylor and I went with good friends and really enjoyed ourselves.


happy friends with a pumpkin friends

on the wagon ride on the tractor

pumpkin feild corn maze and pumpkins in the feild

Saylor holding his pumpkin proudly holding his pumpkin

tractor tractor

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Exploring new food


In the last week and a half Saylor has been exploring foods he hasn’t eaten before.Saylor has been a selective eater since he started trying food at 6 months old so trying different foods is a very exciting event for Mom and Dad. The fruits that Saylor tried this week included fresh peach, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries and fresh pineapple. He started with each one by licking then nibbling and finally eating whole pieces of all four fruits.

The next thing Saylor tried was hamburger! Daddy was making burgers from scratch and Saylor asked to help. We started by washing his hands and then he helped Daddy for a larger burger then Mommy suggested Saylor make a burger his own size so he could try eating it at supper. It was amazing to watch Saylor take several small bites of the hamburger he didn’t make funny faces or spit it out. He did only take a couple very tiny bites and that was it.

We are thrilled with the food explorations!

fruit pic for blog

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Time of Transition


A couple weeks ago Daddy and Mommy decided it was time for me to stop wearing diapers and be a big boy who wears underwear. Some days go really well and I make it to the potty every time I need to other days I have an accident or two. The hardest part has been when we go out but I love not wearing diapers.

toddler underware

It was so warm here through July and August mommy set up a water station many days and I had a great time playing with the buckets, jugs, sponges, funnels and some times ice cubes!


playing with water

One day mommy took me to something called preschool to meet a nice lady who is going to be my teacher and I got to play with new toys while mommy and the lady talked…. a lot! Mommy said I am going to to to preschool two days a week in September. Mommy is also going to work two days a week and while she is working my Ana (Mommy’s Mom is going to spend time with me. I love my Ana) September (what is September?) is going to be a busy month at home and full of transitions and adjustments.

Friday, May 24, 2013

He’s 3 years old


Three years ago last Sunday on May 19th Saylor turned 3 years old.  The last three years have gone by in a blink of an eye and it feels as if Saylor has always been in our lives. Our sweet son is kind, helpful, funny and full of hugs and kisses. I treasure the moments when he asks if I want hugzies (his word) and kisses. I always say yes and scoop him up give him a squeeze and soak in those sweet kisses. I know a few more years will pass and he won’t offer those hugs and kisses as easily and I will miss those times when all he wants is to cuddle with me to reassure and comfort him.

We celebrated Saylor’s birthday with a special road trip to Calgary Alberta to visit his paternal grandparents.  The first leg of our trip to Calgary went really well and we spent a night in Golden BC before continuing on to Calgary the next morning. We had a fun filled and relaxing week. Saylor was doted on, loved and joyful spoiled for the entire time we were in Calgary. His grandparents and Uncle love him dearly!

We made a special trip to the Calgary Zoo which is a very large zoo full of wonderful creatures. Unfortunately the battery on my camera wasn’t fully charged and stopped working part way through the day.

posing with a dino at the zoo Mommy and Saylor posing with a dinosaur

daddy posing with a dino Daddy couldn’t resist hamming it up

here fishy fishy here fishy fishy (this fish tank was part of the hippopotamus enclosure)

flamingo flamingos

peacock there were several peacocks roaming free around the zoo and his handsome male was showing off

gorilla gorilla

are u listening Saylor discovered there were listening centres around some of the enclosures

DSC03900 a pretty flower on the side of a path around the dinosaurs


We made a short trip to a smaller community called Airdrie and found a nice park that Saylor had a great time exploring.

on the playground

dino riding dino riding

When we returned home we found these sweet treats waiting for us from Saylor’s maternal Grandmother. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of the birthday cake we had in Calgary.

3 cupcakes

my cupcake Saylor has developed a love of sweets like his Mommy and was thrilled to have his very own whole cupcake for the first time. Usually he shares with Mommy and Daddy. He loved this sweet treat.

We had a great trip and it was a fun way to celebrate Saylor turning 3 years old!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Things my almost 3 year old says


I wanted to record a couple things Saylor has said recently.


March 28 2013

While out for a walk this morning, Saylor asks if he can pick up a rock. I say "yes" he does and then proceeds to say we have to take it home. Fine with me. A few steps later I ask Saylor if he wants to keep the rock or throw it. He chooses to throw the rock and as we are walking away he says "good by rock, we are going home now" A few more steps and he finds a bigger rock again asking if he can p...ick it up. "yes" Again we have to take it home. Then he says "the rock is cold we have to warm it up" I suggest he put it in the pocket of his hoody. So Saylor happily carries the rock home in his hoody and by the time we got home forgot about the rock. I took it out of the sweater and put the rock on the front step for now just in case he remembers it.


April 7 2013

Today Saylor and I were rough playing in the basement. I said that I was going to chew his arm off and he stopped and looked at me and said I need my arms to hold things. In amazement I looked at him and said okay then I will bite your hands and he said I need those for picking up things! So then I said I will eat your feet and he said stop I need those for walking. now how can you argue with a three year old with that logic? (this was a conversation with Daddy)

Saylor has also been displaying his knowledge he can identify red, blue, white, green, red, pink, orange and black consistently.  He also knows his shapes round, square and triangle.